Spring Buying Trip 2018, Dallas Market Center.

We travel to major cities across the United States researching designers and lines to bring to the Saint Louis showroom. Working by appointment, our clients receive one-on-one attention during styling sessions, private designer trunk shows, fittings, and alterations. Our approach is simple: We do all the work so our clients walk out our doors looking, and feeling, amazing!

our approach

Coming from a background in fashion and advertising, Meghan started with the Cattoor team in 2012. After many years of assisting Donna in styling clients and gaining a broader knowledge of the industry as a whole, she grew into her now role at Cattoor's. As Fashion Director, Meghan oversees all designer coordination and management, showroom inventory and merchandising, as well as marketing and promotional efforts.

OUR GOAL IS to create the ultimate wardrobing experience for OUR CLIENTELE by bringING the CONCEPT of a New york showroom right to THE HEART OF sAINT louis, MISSOURI.


who we are

Donna Cattoor, owner & stylist

MEGHAN HERMANN, Fashion director

Donna Cattoor brings over 25 years of experience in professional fashion and image consulting to the Cattoor clientele. She has worked with hundreds of clients in various industries, with a passion to help them look and feel their very best. Working closely with a diversified group of designers, Donna is able to collaborate with her clients to build their personal "brand" and style their wardrobes with unique pieces from around the globe. Her expertise and attention to detail, fit and style savvy have won her recognition locally and abroad as a wardrobe stylist.

"I go to Cattoor's because it is the one-stop place for awesome service for everything from the latest fashions to custom alterations."    

-- Sandy Boillot

"The personal service at Cattoor's is un-parallel.  Donna knows my style and my fit, sometimes better than I do.  The trust I have developed with her over the years even allows me to buy items sight unseen with great confidence.  No one else does that!"     -- Mary Jane Reiners

"I am very pleased and happy to be part of the Cattoor family!  Yes...family.  Every visit to the showroom is like going home to family!  I love the care and service provided.  Every detail is attended to!  They always go the extra mile."     -- Val Patton

"Donna saves me a tremendous amount of time.  With a career and two small children, I have little time to think about my wardrobe or spend the time in the mall shopping.  She helps me pull my wardrobe together so I can look my best at all times."     -- Lynn Davis

"Donna is beyond a personal shopper-she's a fashion coach!  Pulling together a wardrobe that runs the gamut from power work clothes, to gala attire, to casual evening on the town.  She does it head to toe with all the latest fashions tailored to YOU!"     -- Mary Glaros

"Coming to Cattoor's helps me cheat...I look good without doing all the hard work!"     -- Janna Pearman Jacobs

"I go to Cattoor's for personal brand management.  Donna helped me create my brand, and I rely on her to keep it fresh and on

trend."     -- Pamela Schmidt

"Donna helps me prepare for special events and presentations.  Her and the team are always enthusiastic, authentic and gives me diversity and an edge in my appearance!  When I wear her suggestions, I feel like a million bucks!"     -- Laurie Tanner